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Public health involves the prevention of diseases to prolong life and the promotion of good health of the people through some given guidelines or interventions. The field of public health has raised a lot of concern to many nations. This is so because of many challenges and issues, which are yet to be addressed.


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For a long time, public health issues have been ignored. Although many nations have put efforts to address some of these issues, much is yet to be done. One of the main public health problems is violence. The purpose of this research is to explore how to address violence as one of the public health problems.

Violence and especially domestic violence, is an issue that has raised the attention of many researchers and scholars. Their main aim is to come up with effective strategies for addressing the problem. This issue is a big challenge in the field of public health. Addressing the issue in the clinical institutions should be taken with a lot of concern if any success is to be realized. Nurses should be equipped with the relevant training on how to handle cases of violence among the patients.

According to the World Health Organization, domestic violence affects men and women equally, and its impacts are devastating. Researches show that many marriages are experiencing divorce due to domestic violence. More research should be done to come up with the relevant training that should be given to the nurses to enhance their capacity in addressing the issue on their clients.

The authority that is mandated with enforcing the public health laws and regulations should ensure that such laws are effectively implemented. The people caught breaking these laws should be punished severely to serve as a learning lesson for others with such related intentions. They can be prosecuted or arrested and fined for the offense committed. The right ethical behaviors should be provided to the public to help them make ethical decisions that do not cause any form of violence.

The factors attributed to violence should also be addressed as they form part of the exact causes of the problem. Some of these factors include poor housing or living conditions and inability to access quality health care services. These factors stimulate violence; hence dealing with them adequately will help solve the problem.

All the public health authorities and practitioners should also team up in addressing the problem. The team should apply strategies like awareness creation on domestic violence as a public health problem and the impacts it poses to society. When creating awareness, the team should also sensitize the public on the punishments that are associated with domestic violence crimes. This way, society will be informed and will try all ways possible to avoid any form of domestic violence.


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I think this approach to solving the problem is very effective because addressing the root cause of a problem should start with the parties involved. The code of ethics given to various public health practitioners is not effective in addressing this public health issue.

The battle towards achieving success in addressing the problem is not a one man’s effort, but it calls for a collaborative approach. Public participation is very crucial towards addressing the problem. Combined, I believe these efforts should solve this public health problem effectively.

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