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The period before, during and after the Second World War was a time when people in different nations were not particularly familiar with the details of combat and politics in far away parts of the world. The film industry has helped familiarize people with what was really going on and films “Why We Fight” were one of many that showed American people the reality of war.


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The violent battles of Europe were rather far from the western civilization and so, films were used to transfer the atmosphere of the battle to the citizens and soldiers. The visual depiction of battles was very effective, as stories and newspaper articles were not able to present the images and general conditions of the violent conflict.

The films were made a necessary attribute of soldiers who would be facing combat and the first-hand camera work documentaries added a great deal to the effect of movies. The messages and more particularly propaganda were another major part of the film industry.

It would depict a certain nation in a specific perspective that would send the message to the viewers. For example, the movie “Soy Cuba” showed the hardships that Cuban people had to suffer and the real affects of the Cold War.

It has been said that the United States were shown in a negative light but the overall message of the production was to depict the suffering of simple citizens who had no intentions to partake in any armed conflict. It also describes how morality and ethics become lowered during the intense conflict between nations and people lose their humanity.

A similar message is sent by the movie “Battle of Algiers”, as it shows how Algerians were fighting for their independence from French. The cruelty and human abuse that took place is shown in the most open and truthful way and the suffering of both Algerians and French, was illustrated in most vivid terms. It is interesting that the tactics that were used by the revolutionaries were not of open combat and were later shown to soldiers in order to demonstrate what to expect from guerilla tactics.

This serves as another reminder that during war, people will resort to any means necessary in order to save themselves in the fight for independence and freedom of their country or nation. A movie that represents yet another fight against the regime is “Battleship Potemkin”. The sailors of the ship refused to follow orders that were demeaning and inhumane. The unity of people against tyranny is portrayed through their selfless sacrifice and unification for the common goal.


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The movies of the pre and post war era have been known to show patriotic but also humane qualities that people exhibited in the face of fear and death. Many times, it has been proven that patriotism does not mean raising arms against fellow citizens or following orders and political interests that go separately from freedom and liberation from oppressors.

The movies have had a profound effect on people’s understanding of world affairs and the fight for what is right. Visual techniques, as well as character play have proved to be the display of people’s emotions and determination to serve justice and freedom. The idea and plot were so powerful that these movies are still viewed today and are considered masterpieces out of time.x

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