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Brick and Masonry Repair Seattle Tuckpointing and Brick repointing

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Tuckpointing in Seattle is critical for maintaining strong brickwork, due to our wet weather and rainy climate.  Tuckpointing deteriorated mortar joints is one of the most effective and permanent ways of decreasing water entry into brickwork.  A common repair for brick masonry is the tuck-pointing repair of mortar joints.

25 year Repointing Tuckpointing Seattle

Mortar DeteriorationThe longevity of mortar joints will vary with the exposure conditions and the mortar material used, but a lifespan of more than 25 years is typical. The longevity of brick, however, may well exceed 100 years. Consequently, occasional repair of the mortar joints is necessary over the life of brick masonry.

Repair Brick Mortar – Tuck-Pointing for Longer Chimney Life

Prevent Water Infiltration and Deterioration.tuckpointing brick repair

The effects of water entry into brickwork are multiple, coninual water entry washes away the mortar furthering the process of deterioration. It may also freeze, breaking out mortar or even breaking the brick face (a process known as “spalling”). When water entry into brickwork reaches a point of saturation, the water may flow into the house, causing wet ceilings or walls and damage to framing, wallboard and paint.


Tuckpointed Chimney

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