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Excel Chimney is the place to come for a chimney cap in Seattle.

Chimney Caps. Every chimney needs a cap with a spark arrestor. Without a cap, water can pour into your fireplace through the opening every time it rains, potentially causing damage to several components of the fireplace and/or surrounding materials.  There are many reasons why your chimney needs a cap:

  • To keep water from entering the flue and/or chimney shell.
  • To keep birds, squirrels, and other animals out.
  • To keep other debris out (such as leaves or nesting material) which could cause blockages.
  • To help prevent fireplace odors caused by dampness and/or animals.
  • To block sparks and any burning airborne debris from exiting the chimney.
  • To help prevent or limit downdrafts in windy conditions.


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Custom Chimney Caps and Chimney Cap Repair

Finished Chimney Cap Seattle WaA basic chimney cap that clamps onto the protruding flue liner can be purchased from a hardware store (in season) and installed by the average do-it-yourselfer. Custom caps made of galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel, or copper  are designed to protect the entire top of the chimney. Excel Chimney’s custom caps fit like a glove because there are nine measurements made for each one…and they’re securely installed with masonry anchors drilled into the chimney. These handsome caps provide the ultimate protection for both the crown and the flue.

Excel Chimney repairs and replaces  all types of chimney caps in Seattle. Custom Chimney cap repairs and replacements.  Keep the water and the critters out of your flue, protect your chimney with a properly sized and attached chimney cap. Chimney Crowns

Chimney Crowns, Clay flue caps and concrete cap repair and replacement.  We will assess your chimney, crown and cap, and determine the best way to protect your chimney and your home.  Often we can repair or replace just the cap, or metal part above the chimney, but sometimes we will recommend a crown repair or replacement to maintain the integrity of your chimney.