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After three decades and thousands of satisfied customers, our team provides superior chimney services:Roman brick finished

  • Tuckpointing -we can repair deteriorated mortar joings and effective eliminate problems related to water damage.
  • Chimney Capping – Let our team install a chimney cap to prevent water intrusions and or pests from entering.
  • Chimney Rebuilds – we’re ready to completely rebuild your stone or brick chimney from the roof up or all the way from the ground level.
  • Metal Chimney Liners  – Prevent water damage and chimney deterioration by having your chimney lined.
  • Waterproofing – our specialized waterproofing techniques provide protection your chimney and your home by repelling water without trapping vapor inside.
  • Porch Rebuilds & Repairs – Our masons are brick and mortar specialists.  We can help with all types of brick repair.

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Chimney Problems

Besides lightning damage,  chimneys are also susceptible to other common deterioration problems. Partially because of their exposure to the harsh weather elements, repairs to chimneys are among the most common needs when it comes to brick repairs.

Deterioration. Both brick and mortar can be subject to deteriorate over time. While most bricks are hard-fired and should last well over 100 years, many adobe or antique blends are softer and more porous, and may last only 50 years or less. “Spalling” occurs through freeze-thaw cycles, when rain soaks into the brick, then freezes and expands, separating thin layers of the brick from the face. These layers may eventually begin to fall off and be found at the base of the chimney or other exposed walls. Mortar joints can also deteriorate or develop voids prematurely, depending on the type used and the methods employed during original construction.

Cracked Crowns. Simply as a matter of convenience, chimneys are most commonly finished off with a crown built with mortar, although this practice is clearly substandard.

More Than Just Chimney Repair Seattle, WA

We are specialists at chimney repair, fireplace repair and brickwork repair.  Our expert masons and brick layers can rebuild a chimney from the roof up, or replace failing brickwork on your home.  We are masters at tuckpointing, repairing the mortar between bricks.  With over 40 years experience in chimney repair Seattle, we have done it all.

Masonry Repair and Brickwork

Masonry work at Excel Chimney is always state-of-the-art, guaranteeing the highest standards in the quality of our work performance. Our team will support you and your project from the consultation phase right through to its completion – on time, professionally and at a reasonable price.

 40 years Experience, Thousands of Satisfied Customers

We have 40 years of experience in Chimney Repair, Brickwork and Tuckpointing.  We don’t do chimney sweeping, cleaning.  We are specialists, and we know how to repair chimneys right.

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