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Excel Chimney & Fireplace is a Seattle owned and operated company for over 40 years. Established in 1980, serving the greater Seattle Area. Our goal is to bring satisfaction to every customer we service.

Operated by Chimney Repair Professional, and Founder Dick Murray

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Dick Murray

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Owner/Founder, Excel Chimney


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Dick Murray, a Seattle native, has taken a client-centered approach to his chimney repair, fireplace repair, brickwork repair and masonry repair business for over 40 years. Dick is passionate about his business ethics and is confident in his company’s repair results. You can trust Excel Chimney & Fireplace to complete the job in a prompt and professional manner. When he is not working Dick can be found spending time with his wife, kids and dog around the Greenlake area, skiing or volunteering for Kiwanis. Call today for your FREE bid!


We specialize in chimney repair and restoration, fireplace repair, brick repair and masonry repair work. Items such as tuckpointing, installing stainless steel caps, installing new counterflashing, repairing crowns or repairing any brick work in general that needs to be fixed such as walkways or patios’ etc.

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